Incredible Canadian and US mixed Pop-Rock Band Hello Fiasco are about to release their debut album “Find the Shoreline” on August 4, 2022. This follows the success of their first single from the record “Hold Me Close,” which was has 300,000 pre-release streams on Spotify and an amazing music video.”

The song feels like a beautiful anthem to lift up the spirits and just play on repeat throughout the day.

From a wonderful voice leading the song to the big changes the melody brings into this sound, we’re mesmerised by how good the whole song sounds!

The way they mix instruments, leave air before each chorus and even how the intention is set from beginning to end makes “Hold Me Close” a great song to highlight from their album “Find The Shoreline”, an album that keeps growing non-stop and that has claimed the attention of hundreds of thousands of listeners.

But who are they?

In the years leading up to 2021, former members of The Mailman’s Children joined forces with other Canadian artists to record 23 original songs. At the top of 2021, the new 5-piece Pop Rock band emerged publicly as Hello Fiasco. Although Hello Fiasco is principally Canadian, the band is considered “Canadian-American” or “North American” because their frontman Eric LaBossiere (born Canadian) lives in Helena, Montana, USA. The rest of the band, including Joel Couture (bass), Joel Perreault (lead guitars/backing vocals), Ivan Burke (drums/backing vocals), and Guy Abraham (keys/Ableton/backing vocals), all live in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA region. Hello Fiasco has been compared to Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and David Bowie, though listeners have also said that HF definitely has a sound and strength of their own. This only makes sense since the band prides itself on coming from the side of Pop Rock where the quality of lyrics and music still stand for something.

For those of you who didn’t listen to ”Hold Me Close” yet, you can find the music video here as well.

We love how they keep reinventing their sound, bringing something different to the table and keeping their music interesting, positive and full of surprises for the listener.

They have the talent to make catchy sounds that feel easy listening.