Getting into El Casino’s new single made us thrilled about writing this. We can say now, in all the best ways, we were not thrilled enough as this song is bigger than all of us. Honestly, this is raw – emotionally and in the mix.

Going through this single we found a lot of things we liked, mostly pertaining to staying true to what rap and hip-hop stand for. There are no flashy bars scattered through the tracks with a little bit of “flex culture” in there as other artists claim, he is relatable and he puts the work in there. The lyrics are clever and carry a flow that has the perfect blend of in the mix and on the beat. At this point, there is a MAD flex of producing ability.

The lyric video is clearly on point and we have it right here for you!

Definitely an artist to keep checking around, major reason to follow him on social media and check his website that by the way, looks as awesome as his whole music!