”Lose Control” is extremely catchy, not only that, is a masterpiece from the first second to the last.

Starting with a strong and powerful melody we find ourselves hooked to the sound Dre’ delivers to us. A well produced and greatly written song that surpasses any expectations and can blend into any playlists without effort.

Such is the uniqueness of this song that for us it could be considered an EDM Anthem.

The loops and vocals make the melody feel ethereal, easy-listening and incredible to vibe with. Once the beat drops and the male voice starts is when the magic happens.

This song is a perfect way to begin his EP ”Life’s Ah Blur” that is fully worth listening and you can do so right here!

Here is where we find the strength Dre’ has and we’re left with the feeling of wanting more!

With 6 songs we are able to grasp the bright future ahead.

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