Massive vibrations with Danni Scott and how well he is teasing us his new album!!

He is an artist with a focus on lo-fi hip-hop with a soulful vibe. He is a master at blending in a wide range of creative influences and various musical styles, resulting in a very personal sound that’s also massively appealing.

So appealing that to be honest, his catalogue has been sounding along the entire office today and that’s because ”Saudade”, his new EP introducing the first 6 songs of his full album coming out on a future date in 2021, sounds basically awesome.

But who is him?

Dannii Scott is an electronic producer and artist based in Venice Beach, California. With genres spanning lofi, downtempo, ambient, psychedelic, house and hip-hop, DScott’s sound is versatile and eclectic, keeping listeners on their toes.

We needed to know more so we went ahead and learned that ‘Saudade’ is:

A Portuguese term meaning profound nostalgia and emotional longing.

This EP was clearly inspired by a planned indefinite trip to South America where he ended up falling in love with Brazil. The influences and the uniqueness of his genre are there, that’s undeniable. One of the things we also love about him is how well he is organising his social media (even Tiktok!)

He is quite active there so why not dropping a follow and checking him out as well as listening on Spotify?